Clinic F.A.Q.


Q. Who will provide the cardiac services ?

A. ALL FACC Clinic cardiac services are provided by Royal College board certified cardiologist, skillful cardiac diagnostic sonographers and technologists. All echocardiogram studies are interpreted by American Society of Echocardiography accredited Level-III echocardiologist.


Q. Where is the location of clinic and when will be offering clinical services ?

A. The clinic is scheduled to open on early Oct 2015, we are located at 10A, First Place Plaza directly facing the new St Catharines Site Hospital, Niagara Health System. Free Parking is available and wheelchair accessible.


Q. What type of cardiac testings you are offering ?

A. We will be offering on-site echocardiograms, Holter monitoring and Electrocardiograms (ECG) in November 2015. In the coming 6-months we will be considering incorporating 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, and stress tests to our list of services.


Q. How to refer patients to the FACC clinic ?

A. We offer a variety of options to all the physicians in the community including those from emergency departments or local walk-in clinics, simply fax your own referral form or download the FACC clinic referral form from our site.


Q. Can I order cardiac diagnostic testings directly?

A. All referring physicians are welcome to book the cardiac diagnostic tests directly for their patients, simply download the Cardiac Diagnostic Testings Form from the website and provide us the clinical background information and indication(s) of the study(s).


Q. How do I respond to significant abnormal cardiac testing findings ?

A. At FACC clinic, we are committed to provide timely and complete cardiac care, all referring physicians will be given an option to allow patients to be seen by us as an urgent consult request if significant abnormal results noted. Please refer to cardiac diagnostic form and check ‘tick’ in the section: “Check for consultation if clinically indicated”. We always put patients’ care first, in some cases; patients may be directed by us to Emergency Department to expedite the cardiac management as in-patients.

Q. How do I refer a follow-up patient for clinical consultation?

A. If your patient has been followed by one of the cardiologists in the Niagara region, we recommend referral to the original Cardiologist for better continuity of care.  However, we will accommodate your patient request in the consultation if the original cardiologist does not meet the clinical needs or expectations of your patient.



If we have not answered your specific questions please contact us at 905-935-1010.  We will be very happy to answer your questions. We will make direct physician-to-physician communication at your request.