Clinic Contact


Fourth Avenue Cardiac Clinic
Unit 1A, 300 Fourth Avenue
St Catharines, L2S 0E6
Telephone : 905-935-1010
Fax : 905-641-5096

If you have severe chest pain/pressure or unstable symptoms, and a history of stent insertion, heart attack or heart surgery, PLEASE call 911 to go to the closest emergency room (ER).

For routine questions, please call 905-935 1010 during regular clinic hour Monday through Friday. Voicemail service will answer calls received after 4:30pm. Your message will be answered the following business day.

When you leave a message:

  • Clearly state your first and last name, spell the last name if possible
  • Leave a brief explanation for your call
  • Call back number


Due to the insecure nature of e-mail communication, we do not wish to use email as a means of communication with the public or patients:

  1. regarding questions or issues of a medical nature;
  2. to establish physician/patient relationships;
  3. to book or cancel appointments; or
  4. for inquiries regarding fees, services or similar matters.


E-mail communications regarding such matters will not be responded to and will be discarded unread. If you wish to contact us regarding medical questions or issues or with regard to appointments, or other questions please call us at 905-935-1010