Clinic Policies

Urgent calls

If you have severe chest pain/pressure or unstable symptoms, and a history of stent insertion, heart attack or heart surgery, PLEASE call 911 to go to the closest emergency room (ER).

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOUR SAFETY AND OTHERS THAT YOU DO NOT DRIVE YOURSELF. IT IS BEST TO CALL 911 OR HAVE SOMEONE DRIVE YOU. Please advise the ER physicians to notify our office if he or she feels it is cardiac related. Our office is not able to access all the ER charts electronically.

Regular phone calls

For routine questions, please call 905-935-1010 during regular clinic hours Monday through Friday. Voicemail service may answer calls and your message will be answered with 1-2 business days in a priority manner.
When you leave a message:

  • Clearly state your first and last name, spell the last name if possible
  • Leave a brief explanation for your call
  • Call back number

New Patients

When you receive your appointment from the referring physician please call our office to confirm your appointment. We ask for 48 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This will allow us to schedule another patient waiting for an appointment. We do not charge re-booking fees.

Follow-up Patients

We recommend you bring all your medications or an up-to-date medication list to all visits. We ask for 48 hours’ notice to re-schedule follow up appointments if needed. We understand the weather is unpredictable and emergency situations occur.

In order to provide timely access to other patients, if you fail to show for two appointments without prior notification you will not be rebooked and discharged back to your family doctor.

Laboratory and diagnostic results

We take the responsibility to follow the laboratory and cardiac diagnostic reports ordered by our office only. Patients will be called for earlier assessment in our office or directed to the emergency department for urgent findings.

Prescription Refills

In general, we advise patients to visit primary care physicians for prescription refills to avoid future confusion. We will do our best to refill your cardiac medications only if your doctor is away.

Disability papers, insurance forms and letters

We prefer the form(s) to be filled by the patient’s primary care physician. We are happy to provide a separate note (free of charge) to clarify the cardiac status.